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Dear Friend,

Heather O'Neil.  President of Golf A-Round Group and Golf A-Round Indiana“I’d give up golf, but I’m not a quitter!” It’s a love-hate relationship with this game we have fallen in love with time and again. A game that can have you absconding with the blissful glee of accomplishment and the victorious triumph of success…to the game that gives you an upshot of frustration and pangs of disappointment as you meander off the green promising yourself that you will either ‘do better next time with my custom driver” or “never, ever play again.” Golf is the game that allows us not only to be competitive with whom we play the game; but also, it drives us to be the very best against ourselves…pushing us to be better than before. Being both physically and mentally proficient…focusing, believing and carrying thru to the end will prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead…in both in the game of golf and life. There are many assumed limitations in both golf and in life. I challenge you to break away from those past limitations, erase your past ‘scores’ and put into action what will make you the driver of your own game.

Much time and effort has been put into making, what we feel, is an extraordinary and rare opportunity to showcase and play some of the most prestigious and top rated golf courses throughout central and northern Indiana in terms of difficulty, design, USGA rating and ‘People’s Choice.’ Throughout this challenging economic time, we are proud to introduce to you our 17th Anniversary Edition, the Golf A-Round Indiana™ Golf Certificate Book 2020 - 2021, a division of Golf A-Round Group, Inc. We are appreciative of the chance to be a principal in the golf arena who is not only recognized as a leader who promotes the love of our game; but also, a vital thread that links top Indiana courses, with golfers of all caliber. Embracing our 15th anniversary edition, we continually strive to do our part to boost our local Indiana economy by being the conduit that helps drive business to these challenging and awe-inspiring courses. Let’s face it, golf is an expensive sport to play. Being able to create a means for golfers to embrace the opportunity to play these top-rated courses, for approximately 40-50% discount over the next TWO years, gives them the choice, challenge and chance to enhance their game, contribute to local Indiana businesses and find a few courses to call home.

Embrace your opportunity to break away from the ‘every day is ground hog’s day’ fog and allow yourself to feel the anticipation and excitement of getting on the green and challenging yourself to a new course. Offering your friends, family, co-workers, members and clients the same opportunity as a holiday, referral, incentive fundraiser or client thank you gift gives you a unique and valuable means to recognize the people who have played a valuable role in your workplace or personal life.

On behalf of myself, our Golf A-Round Indiana™ team and the corporation, school system, association or organization from which you purchased the book, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation. May God bless you with the constant reminder of the gifts you are given, the freedom to change your course and your obligation to ‘pay it forward’ every chance you are given on this journey called LIFE. May nothing or no one take that away from you. God bless America.

Heather A. ONeil-Van Dame
Founder & President
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Golf A-Round Indiana™ Golf Certificate Book

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