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With your business cards tucked into the die-cut 2nd page of the golf book, you’ve opened a prime OPPORTUNITY for your clients to hand out your business cards when they’re on the green & their clients want to know
where they, too, can get a golf book.

Personalize Each Golf A-Round Indiana™ Golf Certificate Book
Personalize Each Book* Business Cards Show Your Appreciation

Each Golf A-Round
golf certificate book can be personalized to include your company or organization's logo imprinted on the front cover. Promote your company's products & services, website, contact information or upcoming events on the front inside cover.

The second page of every Golf A-Round Indiana golf certificate book is die-cut to allow insertion of your business cards.

The third page of the Golf A-Round Indiana golf book is an "In Appreciation Of.." page. This allows you to write a personal note of thanks.

Every time your client “John” golfs with his clients over the next TWO years (using the golf book you gave him), his clients will ask him, “Where did you get that golf book?” What a prime opportunity for John to refer you new business by saying, “I got it from Gerard at Fifth Third Mortgage. You’re getting ready to buy a home next year…here’s his card. Give him a call & he will treat you right.” Now, your golf book has turn into a MARKETING MACHINE.

Can’t do that with a fruit basket that goes in the waste basket after 2 weeks with knats circling your client’s trash can, a chocolate basket that is gone in 2 days and makes your client gain 10 pounds or a hat that sits in their closet and is worn maybe 2 times.

Thank You Gift For Your Clients That Turns Into A Marketing Tool For You To Gain NEW Business!

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